• To become a world leading provider of "Internet + language technology" solutions
  • Cross-Language - cross-border E-commerce
    platform, memory platform, real-time communication,
    cloud collaboration translation, content search, localization
  • To build a cross-language wisdom tower with our core
    technologies by relying on our massive multi-language big data.

    A professional TM cloud platform that supports
    post-editing (PE) and vertical fields classification
    Powered by 5.5 billion+ precision human translation units (TUs)
    Provide customized machine translation memory



  • utransmall.com

    The first platform for multilingual memory e-commerce and cloud collaboration translation in the world
    Accumulate massive essential corpus of translation industry
    Achieve sustained gains based on the innovative model



  • Sesame L10n Toolkit

    A professional platform of localization engineering technology
    Integrate a variety of file processing tools
    Provide benefits for multi-level users with high efficiency and low cost


    Sesame L10n Toolkit

  • Sesame Lingo
    Sesame Lingo a translation management platform based on TMServer
    Integrate online translation and massive multi-language data
    Accelerate translation process with such functions as private cloud sharing, task distribution and collaboration, and synchronization of translation and proofreading


    Sesame Lingo

  • Sesame Service

    The first customer service system for multi-lingual instant translation in the world
    Not only provide cross-language "communication", but also take the initiative in extending "greetings"
    Boost the cross-border E-commerce platforms to grasp the instantaneous opportunities


    Sesame Service

  • Sesame Translate

    A simple, quick and ultimate intelligent translation tool for multi-format files
    Powered by tens of billions TUs multi-language big data
    A cross-language translation assistant compatible with mainstream instant messaging software


    Sesame Translate

  • Sesame Publish

    Sesame Publish One-stop multi-language release
    Supported by massive big data API call
    Boost globalization of cross-border E-commerce platform to attract users worldwide


    Sesame Publish

  • Sesame Data Vault

    Integrate the global accurate human translation data
    Collect human knowledge of languages
    Tens of billions TUs multi-language database under the cloud technology


    Sesame Data Vault

  • API Open Platform

    Share the massive Sesame Data Vault
    Provide multi-language solutions for the third party
    Be familiar with Internet +


    API Open Platform

  • utransmall.com

    5.5 billion +

    Tens of billions memory TUs
  • Sesame Search

    Number of files collected
  • Sesame L10n Toolkit

    Number of files processed