Shanghai uTransHub Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai uTransHub Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai uTransHub Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UTH International), founded in 2012, is headquartered at Mobile Internet Innovation Park, Shanghai, China, with a registered capital of CNY 125M.

UTH International is a provider of new multilingual information processing solutions relating to cloud computing and big data, and has state-of-the-art core technology and business model innovation advantages.
Relying on our unique advantages in the field of "Internet + language technology", UTH International pioneered the “uTransMall" e-commerce model, "Sesame Search" bilingual search and sharing model, and the "Sesame L10n Toolkit" model of localization engineering technology services platform. UTH International has developed leading products based on cross-language services, including: Sesame Translate, Sesame Service, Sesame Lingo, Sesame Publish, and other products. UTH International has built a state-of-art core multilingual large data center with up to 10bn+ precise sentence pairs. It is capable of providing applications and solutions for companies engaged in such fields as cross-border e-commerce, international engineering, equipment manufacturing, movie and television media, culture & tourism, service outsourcing, social media, and university education.

The elite team at UTH International is composed of top professionals from such internationally-renowned enterprises as HuaWei, Oracle, and Microsoft, as well as LionBridge, SDL and Dextrys which are ranked among top five well-known globalization service providers.
UTH International attaches great importance to innovation and research & development. Since its establishment, UTH International has successfully broken through the bottleneck of a number of core technologies, filled numerous technological gaps at home and abroad, and maintains a leading position in the international translation market. UTH International has been awarded four national patents on its innovative technologies.

The core services of UTH International are consistent with the national initiatives of “The Belt and Road” and “Globalization", which will effectively promote the internationalization and globalization of Chinese enterprises, and facilitate the localization of multinational companies in China.

“Breaking communication barriers" in human language is the ultimate goal of UTH International.

Since its founding in 2012, UTH International attracted millions reminbi in angel investment.
In late 2014, UTH International attracted tens of millions reminbi in series-A investment from CDH Investments, a world leading venture investment institution.