Baidu Sells Human Translations at Rock-Bottom Rates to Gain Edge in AI

Friday,March 17,2017 | UTH in the Media

How do you compete with that? Foreign language service providers (LSPs) trying to make a buck in the already cut-throat Chinese market face a formidable competitor.

/upload/localpc/news/5.jpg As Bloomberg reported on March 16, 2017, Chinese Internet giant Baidu is offering clients human translations at rock-bottom rates.

In December 2016, according to Bloomberg, Beijing-based Baidu had thousands of translators work out of the company’s offices all across Mainland China, translating 15 hours a day for an entire month. The same report said Baidu now continues to regularly stage such mass translation events all year round.

Baidu leverages one of China’s traditional competitive advantages: Mobilize a large number of people in a short time to achieve a very specific goal. That goal for Baidu is to get its hands on as much parallel translation data as possible.

Parallel translation data (i.e., high quality sentence or phrase pairs) has become a prized asset as the world’s leading tech companies jostle for leadership in the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence.

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