Our client is a technology innovator for insurance, with a digital insurance platform built to move carriers closer to their customers. The client needed urgently to get its software localized and we were their first choice for the job. There was a total of 130,000 English words to be translated into Japanese, and 180,000 from English into traditional Chinese.The delivery was expected in two weeks.


The client needed the project to be handled in a short span of time, however, there was no legacy terminology for us to refer to. Additionally, the source text in Excel was largely fragmented, making it difficult to leverage the context for comprehension.

Our Solution

Before the translation work started, we ran a comprehensive analysis of the project, and identified the extraction and identification of terminology as one of the first things to accomplish. We also requested the client to provide our localization team with the log-in info of their system, as well as the screenshots of the key modules. After that, we utilized an agile production process to minimize the time used for the project.

We communicated with the client throughout the process, mainly via online meetings, to ensure everything we did was in line with what they wanted. For quality assurance, we ensured the client’s consistent involvement by delivering the translations in batches on a rolling delivery basis so that the client could check our progress and quality.


  1. Accuracy: By creating a term base and communicating with the client constantly, we made sure the terms we identified and translated conformed to the requirements of the client, and were used consistently.
  2. Timely Delivery: An agile production process means we handle each step of the process, including pre-processing, translation, editing, and proofreading, nearly simultaneously instead of taking a step-by-step approach. It allows us to minimize the overall time used for the project and enables us to make the delivery on time.
  3. Optimal Quality: We involved the client in quality assurance by delivering the project in batches. Thus, we were able to receive timely feedback from the client on how to improve in the unaccomplished batches, and make prompt adjustments to previous translations.

In this way, the client was enabled to have better control over the progress and quality, and also the results were more satisfactory.

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