Our client is a top-ranking international law firm with a huge demand for translating contracts, discovery documents, and compliance documentation. Most of the client's document translations needs were from Spanish into Chinese and from Spanish into English, and they wanted a translation solution that was cost-effective, scalable, and fast.


The major challenge lies in how to handle a large number of documents within limited time. Using human translation, or involving bilingual lawyers, can be both time-consuming and expensive. It is also difficult to ensure the availability of competent legal translators or vendors for each and every task.

Our Solution

We analyzed the client's needs and proposed an MT solution for non-publishing files like most discovery documents, which later helped tremendously to achieve substantial savings.
We introduced our self-developed translation tool, Cloud Translation Summary (CTS), as an approach to translating English documents into Chinese. CTS is backed up by our billion-language-pair multilingual database, which includes both Spanish-Chinese and Spanish-English parallel corpus on legal texts, and thus is able to produce quality MT outputs.
With CTS deployed on PCs, the client's lawyers handling cross-national cases could use CTS's translation outputs for reference. The results were that the translations were of good quality for non-Spanish speakers to understand, and even more qualified for more formal situations after slight revisions.


  1. A cost-effective and less time-consuming approach: the client's translation cost in total went down by around 40% and turnaround time on average was cut in half, thanks to the utilization of a customized MT tool in reading-level translation.
  2. Translation for each case was conducted directly by the legal team handling the case, eliminating potential hand-offs in outsourcing practices. Since the case-team members did not have to split their time doing translation management, they were able to better focus on their core responsibilities doing legal work.
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