Our client is a leading bearing and seal manufacturer operating in dozens of countries including China, and has on-going demand to translate marketing materials, company news, and business files into Chinese. This client also periodically requested interpreting services for conferences, plant tours and marketing campaigns.


The client has a distinctive variety of language services demands, such as escort interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, file translation, subtitling and multimedia distribution, mostly regarding the manufacturing of bearing and seal.
The amount of translation needed varies throughout the year, but delivery is usually required within a short time span. Thus, the main challenges are:

  1. Finding the best-suit translators/interpreters, ideally with industry-specific knowledge, for each task as soon as the client's need arises.
  2. Ensuring that the service quality for each task meets the client's expectation and the cost is in line with the client's budget.

Our Solution

We customized a package solution based on the client's diversified needs, which mainly included:

  1. A tiered MT+PE approach for the translation of different company files: files to be released or used at official occasions are translated through a human-in-the-loop approach, with varied extents of human involvement depending on the usage. Files for internal use are translated via our self-developed MT system, which is backed-up by UTH's billion-language-pair database with a number of industry-specific corpora to ensure optimal MT results. Through this approach, depending on its purpose, each translation task is handled to a different extent by human translators, with a certain level of machine involvement as a way to improve efficiency and lower the cost.
  2. For the client's interpreting needs, we contact, through our crowd-sourcing platform, QTransMall, best-suitable interpreters with applicable background knowledge and expertise. The platform enables us to find best possible matches as fast as possible, usually within hours. Management and payment are also done via this platform, ensuring transparency in processing. In addition, the client can log onto the platform to see the progress at any time.


  1. Our ME+PE approach has allowed the client's budget to be spent where most needed, and cost for the translation of unpublished reference files is cut down at least in half, with the mission accomplished within a far shorter time frame.
  2. The QTransMall crowd-sourcing platform has made it possible to find best-fit professionals for the client's tasks, and it also guarantees total transparency in pricing and maximum convenience in project management.
  3. In addition, as all the client's needs are rapidly and fully fulfilled by a single vendor, the client's cost in management of outsourcing projects has been greatly reduced, and the ROI significantly improved.
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