Sesame Publish serves for release of multi-language contents of cross-border E-commerce websites, and supports 25 major languages.


Multi-language content release to seize the overseas markets

New Internet concepts provide channels for the promotion of E-commerce suppliers, however, these channels might be blocked by language barriers. If cross-border E-commerce suppliers want to allow products to go global, their websites and platforms are required to be displayed in multiple languages.

Moreover, for a transnational enterprise with the requirement for the frequent replacement of products and rapid update of news, the timeliness and synchronization of releases in multi-languages are the prerequisite to seizing the initiative in the market.

No matter how many products are released, the release format will not be changed

Relying on 10bn+ TUs multi-language big data API calling, Sesame Publish can complete the multi-language conversion of website contents through a simple operation and achieve barrier-free communication of product information at high efficiency and low cost.

Sesame Publish not only provides the release in multi-languages, but it also retains the original page layout and format, so that the visitors of website can easily get information, understand products, and place orders.

Fine division of fields ensure that the vertical search and concordance are more effective

Sesame Publish puts forward the innovative concept of accurate division in the vertical field, containing 15 Level I fields, 40 Level II fields and 178 Level III fields, covering aerospace, machine manufacturing, construction, finance, biomedicine, logistics, media, law, and other conventional or special fields, accurately meeting your needs.

The best choice for cross-border E-commerce supplier and transnational trade companies

Sesame Publish is perfectly applicable to trade enterprises and E-commerce platforms with import and export business, extended enterprises providing services for cross-border E-commerce enterprises, as well as transnational companies transforming from traditional foreign trade mode to independent E-commerce platform.

With the vigorous development of the cross-border E-commerce industry, Sesame Publish will continue to explore and optimize its service model and user experience, and we sincerely invite all friends to cooperate with us.

Sesame Publish wins more attention for you
Users from all over the world can read your website released in your native language.


  • 1. A large number of product data on my website is updated, can Sesame Publish provide synchronous translation at any time?

    Answer: Yes, of course. Relying on API calling of massive multi-language Sesame Data Vault, Sesame Publish can quickly complete the multi-language conversion of website contents. It is the ideal choice for cross-border suppliers with frequent product replacement needs.

  • 2. How accurate can the language conversion of Sesame Publish be?

    Answer: In order to ensure the quickness and timeliness of release contents, all translations are realized by using Sesame Data Vault of UTH International.
    Its translation result is not as accurate as human translation, but far superior to traditional machine translation and with a guarantee of the accuracy of information.

  • 3. Who will be the targets of Sesame Publish?

    Answer: Sesame Publish is applicable to cross-border E-commerce suppliers and foreign trade companies needing release contents in multi-languages, and it helps products of enterprises go global.