The national strategies of “The Belt and Road” and “Going Out” have spawned the rise of a large number of cross-border E-commerce and multinational trading companies.
The main obstacle to growth is overcoming language problems. These problems must be solved before you can successfully market your products to the global community. A successful E-commerce customer service platform must achieve effective multilingual communication.
Timeliness and convenience are the main tools for seizing business opportunities in this fast changing market.
Taking a broad view of the current mainstream customer service software, there has been no software that delivers the vital instant translation function.


Most businesses forget that their customer at the opposite end is a foreigner.

Sesame Service, with powerful background with 10bn+ TUs multilingual memory and 4 national invention patents, has successfully developed an online customer service system supporting 25 languages.
It establishes a green conversation channel with a synchronous literal translation function between the website and customers. Sesame Service uses the most efficient and convenient way to add instant bilingual translation into dialog seamlessly, filling the gaps in cross-language communication found in other customer service software.
Many merchants forget that their customers from now on foreigners living thousands of miles away. Their products can now be directly and efficiently delivered to anywhere in the world.

Seize business opportunity with full functions

As a customer service system specifically serving cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade enterprises, Sesame Service has all the functions of existing ordinary customer service software. Using
“Website Visitor Monitoring” as an example, when the website is visited, “Visitor Visiting Alert” will instantly pop up a window at the client end to facilitate customer service staff to quickly prepare for a reception;
“Visitor Source Tracking” enables customer service staff to monitor the IP, location, sources, keywords, visits, number of historical dialog of the customers, and accurately judge the category and class of customers;
“Visitor Automatic Identification” can instantly identify new and old visitors and members to ensure symptomatic services;
customer service staff can fully track the visitors dynamics through the “Visitor Trajectory Monitoring”, such as page view and dwell time, to intuitively understand the customer’s needs and develop a friendly relationship.

We will never neglect your experience

In the “Multi-modal Dialog Experience” of Sesame Service, customer service staff can see the counseling content of the visitors in advance in order to accurately and quickly provide an answer;
“File Two-Way Instant Transmission” establishes a way for transferring files between the customer service staff and visitors; “Two-Way Screenshot” enables the customer service staff and visitors to capture screens at their convenience to capture a conversation with texts and pictures; the
“Useful Expressions/Active File” management and maintenance function helps customer service staff to rapidly improve their communication efficiency and enhance professional brand image.

Control first-hand key data

Data is vital to E-commerce enterprises. Sesame Service has a “Data Statistic Analysis” function and provides statistical analysis for the website's traffic, conversations, webpage, sources, source words, region, and customer service evaluation. These tools help E-commerce enterprises provide assessment feedback on the website and platform at the first time, immediately adjust the promotion channel and marketing strategies, and continuously pursue maximum income.

Accurate division of vertical fields

Sesame Service puts forward the innovative concept of accurate division in the vertical field, containing 15 Class-A fields, 40 Class-B fields and 178 Class-C fields, covering aerospace, machine manufacturing, construction, finance, biomedicine, logistics, media, law, and other conventional or special fields, for accurately matching your needs.

When the dialog prompt flashes frequently, visitors consult continuously, customer service staff are busy in solving problems, and
when orders dramatically increase….,
Sesame Service is devoted to seizing the instantaneous business opportunities for cross-border E-commerce and multinational trading enterprises.


  • 1. Is there a need to use third party social media software in the dialog process after using Sesame Service?

    Answer: Sesame Service can directly pop up the customer service dialog box to achieve online dialog functions without installing a third party chat tool.

  • 2. How accurate can Sesame Service be?

    Answer: Sesame Service is instant translation software. To ensure the synchronism of bilingual translation all the translations are realized by calling Sesame Data Vault of UTH International.
    Its translation result is not as accurate as human translation, but far superior to traditional machine translation and with a guarantee of the accuracy of information.

  • 3. Can I register for a free trial of Sesame Service?

    Answer: Sure! Your account has two-day free trial period with five seats once you register successfully on our website.
    You can experience and try our products. In case of any problems, you can contact us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

  • 4. What type of group is suitable for Sesame Service?

    Answer: Sesame Service, the only customer service software having bilingual instant dialog function in the global, is suitable for cross-border E-Commerce platform and foreign websites with online customer service needs.