A simple, quick and excellent cross-language instant translation tool, including a translation memory function, and
it supports intelligent translation of multi-format files.
Powered by 10bn+ TUs multi-language memory and core technology of four national-level patents;
Supports 25 mainstream languages and 23 kinds of files;
Achieves multi-language synchronous instant translation of social tools and multi-format files.


Focus on fast and convenient translation

Sesame Translate aims to achieve the best translation experience for users by using “faster speed” and “more convenient operation”.
“Drag and drop translation” is easy to operate. You just need to drag and drop files to the floating window, the files will then be translated without changing the original file format and layout, achieving fast reading in the same format.
We are committed to delivering a “fast" and “convenient" experience for you.

Translation memory function,
once edited, can be applied directly forever

Sesame Translate supports the online editing of files and provides translation memory functions.
It will automatically save the translated text to the default memory for calling in priority, which allows you to enjoy a familiar translation experience.

Save half of time for multi-language readers

As for readers who are not sensitive to accuracy and want to translate for information purpose only, Sesame Translate is their best choice.
In the globalization era, many people have fallen into the habit of browsing news all over the world, and reading a large number of foreign news within the same industry.
However, persons working in multinational companies or a multi-language environment need to digest and absorb files, data, and information transmitted at least by two languages every day.
Sesame Translate introduces the innovative concept of accurate division in the vertical field, and fully meets user’s needs of permanently and frequently receiving multi-language information and reading. It is the best choice for fast translation and reading.

Meet your needs all around

Sesame Translate carefully developed the fast translation functions of files to meet different needs of users all around the world.
"Drag and Drop Translation Mode" provides fast and convenient translation, and it supports 12 file formats, including Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, XML, Xliff/HTML, TXT, TTX, InDesign, MIF, DITA and DTD. It is a fast translation tool on your desktop. "Bilingual Output Mode" offers bilingual display after translation, and helps you proofread easily based on its user-friendly design. "Memory" allows that the translation once edited, can be applied directly forever.

Drag and Drop Translation Mode Function of Editing One by One, Bilingual Output Mode

Powerful support from private cloud technology

Sesame Translate integrates computer-aided translation, translation memory, private cloud functions and other core concepts.
Supports the customization of terms and creation and management of personal language database in order to assist traditional translation with Internet cloud technologies.

The best translation tool ready for your choice!


  • 1. Are there any influences on original social network software after using Sesame Translate?

    Answer: You can keep using existing social network software, and use Sesame Translate as a supplement to provide bilingual translation as required during communication, without affecting original social network software.

  • 2. How accurate can Sesame Translate be?

    Answer: Sesame Translate is a fast translation software. All the translations are realized by calling Sesame Data Vault of UTH International.
    Its translation result is not as accurate as human translation, but far superior to traditional machine translation and with a guarantee of the accuracy of information.
    If you have higher requirements on the accuracy of translation, please select our specialized translation tools.

  • 3. Is Sesame Translate compatible with the processing of several Office files?

    Answer: Sesame Translate can process five Office files of no more than 5M, and help users translate files at high efficiency.

  • 4. How long will it take for processing a PPT file over 100 pages?

    Answer: How long will it take for processing a PPT file over 100 pages by human translation?
    Are you crazy about the format layout and term query?
    You just need to wait for one minute if you use Sesame Translate to get the translated text.
    Besides, the file format and layout remains unchanged. You can estimate the translation workloads within one working day based on this efficiency.

  • 5. Who will be the targets of Sesame Translate?

    Answer: Sesame Translate is applicable to cross-border E-commerce suppliers and foreign trade companies having multi-language communication needs, as well as readers who are not sensitive to accuracy and want to translate for information purpose only.